Portait Image by Jules Morgan
Portait Image by Jules Morgan
Portait Image by Jules Morgan

What if I could take the most beautiful photo you have ever seen of yourself?

Imagine being pampered for the day and holding beautiful portraits of yourself? A beauty photography session is an empowering experience that many have found to be life changing. There are many reasons to be photographed - as a gift to a partner or yourself, to celebrate a milestone or fitness goal or just to learn to love yourself as you are now. Let me show you the beauty in yourself and in your life and to change the way you see yourself. Not in five years time, or when you've lost five kilos or when you fit into your "thin" jeans. Celebrate yourself now.

How long do shoots take?

Your day will start off with your hair and make-up being professionally done so that you feel fabulous. We'll spend a few hours photographing a number of different looks where I will direct you through some poses and talk you through each step of the process. I want you to feel relaxed, beautiful and empowered while I focus on angles to bring out your most beautiful self.

How far in advance should I book my session?

I recommend that you book your shoot for about two months prior to needing the finished product in-hand. For weekday availability, you should email me to schedule at least a month in advance. Saturdays sessions and very limited and tend to book up very quickly. Don't wait to email me! It's never too early to get on my schedule. I sometimes also have cancellations or unexpected gaps in my schedule so feel free to send me a request even if it's last minute. Your photo reveal appointment will be approximately two weeks after your photo session, and your finished product (depending on what you order) will arrive between three-four weeks after that.

What to wear/bring

Your photo session can be anything you would like it to be? glamorous, casual, sexy, professional or a bit of everything.

Bring whatever you feel beautiful in! Bring a variety of outfits along - the gorgeous dress that you only get to wear to special occasions, an oversized sweater, a robe, a sleep-shirt, jeans and your favourite top, your favourite pair and heels, some lingerie, your favourite accessories. Think about the parts of yourself that you love (collarbones, shoulders, hands, hair - whatever it is ) - and bring outfits to accentuate them!

But most importantly, don't get stressed about what to bring - the most important thing is that you feel comfortable and beautiful in whatever you wear.

When and how will I select my favourite images from my shoot?

I offer in-person photo reveal and ordering appointments two to three weeks after your photo session.

I do this for a few reasons - firstly for your convenience. I have a system for helping clients decide between images, showing similar images side by side for easy selection, and assisting people with getting great variety for albums and the perfect wall art pieces. Because I will show a lot of beautiful images, it can be overwhelming to choose on your own and I don't want my customer service to stop at the photo shoot. The in-person photo reveal is my favourite part of the whole process !

Many of my clients travel in from out of South Africa for their photography sessions, and is seldom practical for them to return for their photo reveal appointment a few weeks later. For these clients, remote viewing sessions via Skype are available or if time allows I can have images ready for viewing 48 hours after a shoot.

Displaying your images

I offer high quality fine art prints, framed wall collections, framed canvasses, mounted prints and fine art albums to display your photos.I have had many women print large photos of themselves to hang in their home as a reminder of their own gorgeousness... or an album or box of images to keep for just themselves. I understand the need for digital images and an equivalent-sized digital image is included with every print purchased so you can make your own reprints.

Have a look here through some of the products that I offer.


Every image presented to you will be fully retouched to make you look your best. No need to worry about that pimple that pops up the morning of your shoot.


Shoots start at €300 and include professional hair and make-up. For further details on pricing, please look here or contact me.

Gift vouchers

Would someone you know need a confidence boost and love the gift of a beauty session? I offer gift cards towards a shoot and printed images.