what people have said



Jules, you are a self esteem boosting wonder woman, ridiculously talented, and so easy to get along with.

Your studio is an absolute ray of sunshine and a really happy place for women!


For me, the process towards making the decision to do this photoshoot was most challenging. It really felt as something way out of my comfort zone. However, I felt immediately at ease and welcome when I arrived at your home and studio. I enjoyed your enthusiasm and the eagerness and playfulness I experienced with you. After seeing the results, I was overwhelmed by the many ways you captured me. There were so many beautiful photos to choose from, and I could really see how they each showed me a different aspect of myself. I feel very grateful for this exciting experience, and the wonderful results!


My shoot was a birthday celebration, where I un-apologetically celebrated me at my heaviest and lowest self-confidence. The experience was magical, and I am forever grateful to Jules for making the day unforgettable. Never underestimate the power of celebrating yourself and another woman's talent.


The shoot was a wonderful experience. I always considered myself incredibly unphotogenic and was terrified of being in front of the camera. Jules made everything fun and easy and I was thrilled with the result. I look beautiful, strong and capable and the photos help to remind me that I am all those things and more.


Jules Morgan is a genius and every photograph is a stunning work of art. She has the ability to make her subjects feel completely comfortable and at ease. She is a real artist and a lovely genuine human being.

Get in front of her lens already!


What started out as a gift for my husband, a boudoir shoot, turned out to be one of the best gifts I have ever given myself. Jules made me feel so comfortable and the final product totally changed the way I see myself.


Jules is a super friendly, kind and warm. Our morning together felt more like being in good company with a wonderful person who happens to have a camera in her hands, taking some photos rather than a photoshoot.


I recently decided to have a portrait session of just me in her studio and OMG!!!!!

I honestly do not have words. What she gave me was beyond my wildest expectations.Jules doesn't take pictures - she makes works of art.


What a lovely experience! Jules is friendly and professional..the end result was amazing! she made me feel stunning!.these are images i will treasure forever!


The photoshoot was very energetic and fun. Jules makes you feel at home from the moment you arrive. During the photoshoot Jules was very motivating and boosted my self esteem a lot. It definitely changed the way I see myself, the pictures are beautiful and amazing. I had no clue that I could like this and I really should give them a place in my house where I can see them often to remind me of this.


It was an amazing experience. I do not enjoy being in the spotlight but Jules made it very easy for me to do just that. I thought - wow is this me?


The shoot was a really great experience, wish I did it years ago!!
It was fun to do as Jules made me feel really comfortable and beautifull.

The meeting where we went through all of the photos was astonishing - maybe even life changing as I could hardly believe there were so many beautifell pictures of me. Looking at so many nice frames of myself gave me a loving, tingling feeling in my stomach, changed the way I look at myself and boosted my self-esteem instantly.


Jules is a phenomenal studio photographer. I knew I was in the best hands from the beginning. She made me feel very comfortable, relaxed and I could be myself.


Jules you are truly an awesome artist with such a warm, welcoming and open heart!

I think I have fallen in love with myself once again, many thanks to you.


Thank you Jules - I am in love with myself.


The photoshoot was a fantastic experience! I felt so comfortable the whole time. At first i was a bit nervous, because I'm not a 'model' and i didnt know many poses (except the famous "strike a pose" Vogue pose haha." When i look at my pictures I see a confident and happy woman who has already overcome so many fears and who is optimistic about the future. I now understand why people say life begins at 40. I am much more myself, meaning I now allow myself to be free to discover what I want and act on it.


The photo shoot experience was truly amazing with Jules creating an environment that allowed me to feel comfortable and fully immerse myself into the experience and most importantly have fun. I ended up enjoying all the clothes changes and the hundreds of poses. Jules was very professional and efficient throughout the process. She expertly guided me through the selection of the photographs until the delivery of the much anticipated final product.


Jules is an amazing photographer who makes you feel at ease from the moment you connect with her. You can feel that she is very professional and focused on delivering an amazing photoshoot experience. Being photographed can feel uncomfortable, but she does what it takes to make you feel confident to shine in front of her camera