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Portraits for your business

Headshots for your business

Where do shoots take place?

Headshot sessions take place at my studio in Driebergen in Utrecht.

What should I bring to wear?

You're welcome to bring in 2-3 different outfits... something smart and something more casual for variety. Bring in a few different colours and outfits and even if we don't end up using it, that's great.

Think of your corporate identity and what colours and tones reflect that in terms of clothing and accessories. Typically solid colours work better than crazy patterns.. but if crazy patterns are part of your business then bring it along!

How will I select and receive my favourite images?

A week or so after our shoot, we'll meet over Zoom where I will show you your images and you can make your selection of images.


There is no need to worry about a pimple, a bad night's sleep or skin breakouts. All chosen images will be fully retouched.


Head shot sessions are €300 and includes:

  • Up to an hour in studio - I allow time for people to relax and to create something a bit more personal.
  • One digital image printable up to A4
  • Private viewing appointment over Zoom for you to select your image/s.

Additional digital images can be purchased for €250 per image. Collections of 6 images are €1200. It can be really great to have a selection of images to use for Whatsapp, Linked in, brochures etc. Most of my clients don't only walk away with one image but there is no pressure to purchase anything further at all.

Hair and make-up can be added on at €150. While this isn't a necessity, hair and make-up can add a 'pop' and a more polished look to your images. (You will still look like yourself, just the best possible version of yourself!) Allow 1.5 hours for hair and make-up.


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Testimonial of Donna

Jules, you are a self esteem boosting wonder woman, ridiculously talented, and so easy to get along with.

Your studio is an absolute ray of sunshine and a really happy place for women!


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Bring your favourite dresses and jewellery

Professional. Something I can use for work

I want to look like "me" - friendly and approachable

Wearing a daring dress, lingerie or maybe even some tasteful nudes

Possibly a mix of everything above

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