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Catherine, 56 // Gallery // Image 0
Catherine, 56
The 40 over 40 Women's Campaign Catherine is a kind, sensitive and beautiful woman who adores art and fashion. She is originally from France she completely fits the stereotype that French women have style!When she showed me her many choices for her wardrobe, I wasn't quite sure how it was all going to fit together but she puts on any combination of clothing and makes it look fabulous. If your friends/family had to describe you in 3-4 words, what would they say? Once said a friend of mine "Desert Edelweiss " I always felt quite different and kind of one of a kind but not standing in my strength enough to handle it. What is your occupation and how to you like to spend your free time? I guess the most important occupation I had in my life was to be a mother. It's the greatest responsability I've experienced, the most powerful and beautiful to be given, also the most scary because you are always the example, so you have to be the best example for your children. Because they are now almost grow-ups or studying, I realise I have now time to think about: what do you need Catherine? What do you want? Free time to me is looking for water. I really need the calming influence of the sea...or a river...or even a natural pool.... When I move to the Netherlands in 1993, I was so delighted that I could visit the sea within 1 hour riding....this was really a gift. What are you most proud of? Surviving a trauma, starting a business, moving countries, or just making it through every day? I am really blessed and happy with everything in my life what "made me" the person I am now. I think life gives you what you have to get, and you learn much more from the hard part of it than from the soft part. I learned to be confident with my feelings and intuition, being happy with myself and not depending on anyone to be happy. The only person you earn is yourself. Even your kids are not yours. When you realize this, you can sink in a kind of confidence with everything in your life, and you can be deeply positive. Because it's the best way to fight the negative around us. I have been "the strong one" for a long time but now I'm free to rest. And to let go. What is your favourite poem, quote or saying? DIFFERENT IS ATTRACTIVE What advice would you give your 20-year old self looking back? We feel so insecure when we are 20. The best hint is to stay close to yourself. Don't look to others, just look at yourself, at what you have and not at what you do not have. Embrace the differences and not the similarities. And go inside, everytime you feel insecure. Because the answer is always inside, not outside. Also try to be PATIENT. This is the greatest key to success in many ways. When you entered your 40's, 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's or beyond, what did you find were the most significant or poignant changes? Eg, in work, health, family or relationships? The greatest change was to realize that I am my big own happiness. I don't rely on anybody else. I'm in charge and being different is great and ok! Do you have a story about yourself that you would like to share? Something funny, wise or that you have overcome? The funniest is that I met the Dutch father of my children through friends. As a French girl I was always attracted to any country covered with sun so my attention went to all the sunny countries under France. I had barely heard over the Netherlands and did not knew at all where this country was on the wold map!!!! What are your thoughts on aging? I feel blessed to have reached already my age, because my mother passed away when she was 50. I was 26 and I definitely missed her in all the moments I would have liked to share with her in all the phases of my life. I had to discover a lot by myself.... I missed the reference! I will be blessed with each single year I will get. Really. Because life is a wonderful present. Even the setbacks are a gift that makes you grow. And I really think that the most difficult in aging is to lose a lot of people along the way... Do you still have a dream or big goal that you would love to accomplish? What are the skills or things that you'd still love to learn? Never stop dreaming... I do not have specific goals to reach or accomplish, I let life surprise me. I've experienced a divorce, and a burn out, so I had enough stress in my life. I really try to avoid any situations which could set me upside down, this is I think the greatest achievement for me....
A portrait session with Azelle // Gallery // Image 4
A portrait session with Azelle
I couldn't believe that this beautiful woman is 51.
Robyn & family  // Gallery // Image 8
Robyn & family
Robyn came into my studio in Bergvliet to have her hair and make-up done and then her two daughters, Georgia and Erin joined in so we could create some mother and daughter portraits. Her hubby, Mark joined us for the last few minutes of our session for an updated family portrait. She also brought in an outfit for an updated headshot to use on social media and LinkedIn.
Nikki, Sophia and Abigail // Gallery // Image 12
Portrait, Motherhood
Nikki, Sophia and Abigail
I photographed headshots for Nikki two years ago and this time photographed her in my studio in Bergvliet with her two beautiful daughters, Sophia and Abigail.
Brigitte // Gallery // Image 16
I cannot believe that this woman is sixty years old - how lovely is she? Brigitte came into studio for some updated headshots and she also brought in her violin as she plays in an orchestra - which made for a fun prop.
Lutasha // Gallery // Image 1
This woman was just gorgeous to photograph with so much exuberance and energy just flowing out of her. After going through a stressful divorce, Lutasha contacted me to do a shoot as a celebration of herself and her strength and to regain a sense of herself after being married for so long. To mark the beginning of a new and amazing chapter in her life. She came into my studio to have her hair and make-up done and brought in a few different outfits to play around with. She also brought in some bubbles to play with as a representation of her inner child... and I think it worked so beautifully!
Angelique and Corne - a glamorous couple shoot // Gallery // Image 5
With family
Angelique and Corne - a glamorous couple shoot
Corne and Angelique are a very stylish and glamourous couple - it was so much fun having them in studio. Angelique is the such a sweet woman and is a complete Marilyn Monroe lookalike.
Denise & Family // Gallery // Image 9
With family
Denise & Family
I photographed Denise and her beautiful family a few years ago at their home in Joburg. This time they where in Cape Town for a weekend and wanted some updated portrait photographs. We did half of our shoot in my studio and then moved onto location for something different and to show some of Cape Town. These are some of the portrait shots. I absolutely love photographing this family - not only are they all just gorgeous but they are some of the nicest people I've had the priviledge of meeting.
Nikki - Headshots // Gallery // Image 13
For Business
Nikki - Headshots
Nikki is an actress in Cape Town who needed some updated headshots for her agency since she had chopped her hair off since her last photoshoot. She brought two outfits into studio and had her hair and make-up done by the lovely Tarryn Fox.
David Hufton // Gallery // Image 17
David Hufton
David Hufton was recently appointed as joint CEO of Sygnia in Cape Town. Their marketing department hired me to create some business portraits for PR use as well as for his online presence. I visited their offices in Greenpoint to create some different portraits and then we also did a session in my home studio in the Southern Suburbs for some more polished business headshots.
Maya and Marijke // Gallery // Image 2
Women, With family
Maya and Marijke
Maya and Marijke are both such kind and gentle women. It was Maya's 50th birthday as well as Marijke's 76th birthday and they decided that it was time to celebrate themselves with a photo shoot. Maya's kids joined in for a few shots at the end of our session too.
Justine // Gallery // Image 6
I have photographed Justine several times over the past few years with her husband and little boy, Cameron. This time she came in for a portrait session on her own. We did some casual, glamourous and sexy images for her session.
Heather // Gallery // Image 10
Heather contacted me to create some personal branding-style headshots for her online presence for her new business and website. She doesn't wear a lot of make-up but I encouraged her to have her hair and make-up done as it adds such a polished and professional look to photos... and she still looks like herself. She brought in a few different looks and colours for her brand and website and I had so much fun hanging out with her and watching her enjoying lose her inhibitions and feel comfortable with herself and enjoy the shoot. Everyone who walks into my studio starts off feeling shy and tells me that they're 'terrible in photos' and I just love to relax people and draw them out of themselves.
Emma - end of school portraits // Gallery // Image 14
With family
Emma - end of school portraits
Emma came in for portraits with her mom and dad before her end of school dance when she was all dressed up and looking beautiful. It is a beautiful idea to do a shoot at this time - to mark the end of a chapter.
Ang & Hannah // Gallery // Image 18
Women, With family, Motherhood
Ang & Hannah
We did this shoot to mark the end of a chapter ... Hannah finishing school and leaving her home and family in Joburg to explore the world on her own as a student in the Cape at Stellenbosch University. At only 18 years old, Hannah is so beautifully confident, mature and lovely. They both came into Cape Town to my studio and had their hair and make-up done and then I spent a bit of time photographing Hannah on her own, creating mother and daughter portraits and also some of Ang on her own. The rest of the family joined in at the end so we could get some portraits of the other kids and the family together. How lovely are these two women?
Lauren & Zoe // Gallery // Image 3
Women, With family
Lauren & Zoe
Lauren is one of those casual and natural women who just ooze sexiness and she was lovely to have in front of my lens. We did most of the shoot with her on her own and then her 2 children joined in for the last part of the session.
Annie  // Gallery // Image 7
This gorgeous woman came into my home studio to have her hair and make- up done and then brought in a few outfits for some different looks. She wanted to create some images to celebrate her African heritage as well as some updated shots for work. Her 9 year old daughter and family also joined in for the shoot so we could create some beautiful mother-daughter images and family portraits but she asked that I don't share those on the internet.
Sam and her girls // Gallery // Image 11
Women, With family
Sam and her girls
Sam is the owner of a marketing consultancy called Grow. She needed an updated headshot for her new website and decided to make a full session of it with bringing in a few extra outfits. She had her hair and make-up done, we photographed her in a few different outfits and then her daughter's joined her for some photographs towards the end of the session.
Karin // Gallery // Image 15
I've known Karin since we were 18 at university together and she has always been confident, doesn't put up with rubbish, can be brutally honest knows what she wants and goes after it and is also one of the biggest softies with the hugest heart. When she asked me to do a portrait shoot with her at my studio in Cape Town, I was so excited as she is gorgeous. She came into studio and had her hair and make-up done and brought in a few outfits - her favourite one was her fluffy coat. We're going to print this one quite big for the wall....
Neebashnee // Gallery // Image 19
Neebashnee contacted me a little while back to have a photoshoot of herself in Cape Town as she had moved down from Joburg a few months ago. She has also recently turned 40 and wanted to have a photoshoot in celebration of this milestone as well as moving cities. She brought in some beautiful outfits and Tarryn Fox did a beautiful job with her hair and make-up.