Patricia Passier

Women, Fabulous Over 40, Headshots

Patricia is a revalidatiearts who also has her own coaching business. She is a positive, energetic and joyful woman who is motivated by sustainability. Her favourite quote is 'Pura Vida'... which is all living a good life through cherishing simple pleasures. I I think that is so beautiful.. and something we can all do more of - rather than chasing 'more', to be aware and grateful of all the simple and beautiful pleasures we have already.

Patricia came to my studio in Driebergen and was hesitant to have her make-up done as she doesn't wear much make-up but Costina Lumezeanu is a master of enhancing women's beauty in a natural way.

We created mostly personal branding portraits for Patricia but then also decided to play around with something fun and feminine - a wedding outfit that Patricia hadn't worn in 20 years and still fit!

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