Nicole van der Zeyden, 42

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I photographed Nicole's wedding waaay back in 2008 in Johannesburg and have done several family shoots with her and her little boys over the years. This time her husband bought her a gift of a portrait session on the Fabulous Over 40 (I know, right - what a man!) as he knows that photos are the only things that really remain. They came out from Dubai to combine a shoot with visiting family in the Netherlands. Nicole is kind, sweet, a fantastic mother as well as being insanely beautiful.

If your friends/family had to describe you in 3-4 words, what would they say?

Kind, loving, stubborn

What would you say is your best emotional quality?


What is your occupation and how do you like to spend your free time?

I'm a stewardess. Exploring, eating and sitting quietly watching in a large open air space( preferably a green space)

What are you most proud of?

Making big life decisions and seeing them through, such as moving abroad twice and going it alone in a very foreign place without fear of failing.

What is your favourite poem, quote or saying?

"I’m so small", said the mole.
 "Yes", said the boy, "but you make a huge difference."

From: The boy , the mole, the fox and the horse.

Actually I love the whole book. It’s just such a beautiful arrangement of words and thoughts.

What advice would you give your 20-year old self looking back?

Live (really live) , laugh more (life’s too short and too serious), travel alone, study something/anything (never stop growing and learning).

When you entered your 40's, what did you find were the most significant or poignant changes?

 In work: you become a lot less respected as you age (Sadly experience in this world is no longer valued).
 In health: OMG does it get harder to wake up and then you realise it’s only going to get harder...

In family: I still cry often when I see how fast my children are growing and that soon enough they will no longer need me.

What are your thoughts on aging?

We all age.
We all die.
Love yourself, look after yourself and don’t wait for someone to lift you up or fix you.

Do you still have a dream or big goal that you would love to accomplish?

Still so many places to see.......
I’d love to learn to sing and to dance again ( I qualified as a teacher and never taught)

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