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Grace exudes a sense of sophistication in a down-to-earth and kind-hearted way. She contacted me to be a part of the Fabulous Over 40 and her main goal was to create some beautiful images featuring herself with the perfume that she has created. Yes, in her late 40's and not knowing anything about perfumes, she decided to learn about them and has developed her own sophisticated unisex fragrance - The Scent of Art.

I love what she says about her life experience: "I have come to understand that surrender and acceptance are powerful and redeeming tools for a life full of spirit and grace."

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The Scent of Art is a perfume that uniquely originates from the art industry:
The Grace Galleries was established in Laguna Beach, California and was deemed the most successful gallery in town: we sold our entire art collection to a Kansas museum owner in 1 sale!

With no more art to look at on the walls of the gallery, it left me thinking about what other senses can connect people (male, female or non-binary) on a deeper level, without words or even with our eyes closed, so we don’t judge on each other’s outside appearance….
In 2021, I started to develop a fragrance that would appeal to everyone who is open minded and more so: openhearted.

The Scent of Art is a unisex, long lasting fragrance with notes of leather, tobacco and vanilla, developed by some of the best “noses” in Paris and is further produced and bottled in Los Angeles.

We launched at the same time in Amsterdam, LA, Paris, Tokyo and Marrakech and work with some prominent names in the entertainment and fashion industry all over the world, such as Rome Kanda (Hollywood actor from Japan), Hicham Benslimane (Beverly Hills Fashion Designer originally from Fez, Morocco) and Can Bonomo (Turkish rockstar)

The best part of running a perfume business is that it’s always positive: people deem perfume a sophisticated product, and that’s exactly what it is.

The Scent of Art is a beauty spin off from the art collection of The Grace Galleries: besides a luxury bottled edition for unisex, personal use, The Grace Galleries is now working on developing the right concentration of the fragrance for spaces, such as hotels, offices and homes.

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