I knew that Donna would be just beautiful to photograph - she has a lovely and warm way about her and a beautiful presence. This is what she had to say about her shoot:

"Now, to say that I am NOT comfortable in front of the camera would be an understatement. In fact, my initial response to doing this shoot was a hard NO! Doing a photo shoot and having to express myself in front of a camera is absolutely terrifying, and could easily be compared to being forced to go bungi jumping, honestly, for me it is on the same level.

I did not, however, factor in Jules.

Her easy manner and expert skills made me feel right at home in her amazing little studio. I wasn’t embarrased at all, and Jules gently guided me in getting the perfect shots. She made me feel like a SUPERMODEL.

I strongly feel like every woman should be fortunate enough to experience this. It was WAY more than just a photo shoot. It was EMPOWERING. It changed how I see myself, and afforded me the opportunity to see how I could look if I gave myself half the chance to feel beautiful.

As women we are SO hard on ourselves, especially when we get older! Now, as a professional person (over 40 mind you) I have some beautiful, PRO images and head shots of myself and I am so very grateful!

Jules, you are a self-esteem boosting wonder woman, ridiculously talented, and so easy to get along with. Your studio is an absolute ray of sunshine and a really happy place for women."

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