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Afke came in for a shoot at my studio in Driebergen to create updated business portraits for her website and to send to press and media for promotions. She works in a mainly masculine world and wanted to create something strong and simultaneously feminine.

She is a sport psychologist, sport scientist and former physiotherapist. She works with (elite) athletes, coaches and other high performers. She loves her job because she can directly contribute to athletes' performance enhancement by improving their self-knowledge and helping them to develop skills such as focus, confidence, and resilience.

It fulfils her to witness athletes grow, overcome challenges, and achieve their goals. She works with athletes from various sports and at different levels, from amateur to professional; but also with teams, coaches and other performers like musicians which provides a diverse and dynamic work environment.

The field of sport psychology is constantly evolving, which also offers her opportunities for ongoing learning and professional development.
She's based with her private practice in Utrecht. Her company ‘WOUW Performance Coaching’ is based on the campus of the Dutch Football Association (KNVB) in Zeist. She also works with the National U19 football team, which is mainly abroad for international championships.

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